Is it safe for babies to drink well water?

Well water can easily get contaminated with toxic substances from the dirt, plants, or water around it. For this reason, if well water is not tested or known to be safe, avoid using it to make your baby’s formula. Most wells have nitrates in amounts that are over federal drinking water standards.

Can well water make my baby sick?

Bacteria in well water can make you sick, particularly babies and young children. A major cause of bacterial contamination is due to poor well maintenance. A bacterial test of your well water should be done at least three times per year (in spring, fall, and summer or winter).

When can toddler drink well water?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until at least 6 months before offering water to your child. Water given before 6 months of age can reduce nutrient intake and cause life-threatening electrolyte imbalances.

What are the risks of drinking well water?

Heavy metals can contaminate private wells through groundwater movement and surface water seepage and run-off. People that consume high levels of heavy metals risk acute and chronic toxicity, liver, kidney, and intestinal damage, anemia, and cancer.

Can a 1 year old have well water?

The presence of nitrates can be a problem particularly for infants under three months who can not metabolize nitrate. Water with a nitrate concentration of more than 1.0 milligrams per liter should not be used to prepare infant formula or given to a child younger than one year.

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Is well water good or bad?

Well water is normally fresher, high in nutrients, and high in minerals. Because well water is coming from the aquifer underground, instead of run- off or surface water, it tends to be cleaner and fresher. Ground water is also high in healthy nutrients and minerals that are good for the body, including children.

Can your well water make you sick?

Water from a contaminated well can cause a variety of health problems, including gastrointestinal illnesses, neurological problems, even reproductive issues. They can be especially dangerous if you have an infant, a pregnant woman, or a senior citizen living in a home with contaminated water.

Can well water contain lead?

Private wells more than 20 years old may contain lead in the “packer” element that is used to help seal the well above the well screen. Some brands of older submersible pumps used in wells may also contain leaded-brass components. Corrosion of pipes and fixture parts can cause the lead to get into tap water.

What kind of water can babies drink?

If your baby is around 6 months old, you can offer small amounts of cooled boiled tap water but you should not replace their breastmilk or formula feeds. Breastmilk or formula should still be their main drink up to 12 months of age. After 12 months, their main drink should be water and cow’s milk or breastmilk.

Is it safe to bathe in well water?

If your water at home is from a private well or small community well, you should boil the water or use approved bottled water for drinking. Sometimes a well is more likely to become contaminated with bacteria. Bathing is not a problem using well water.

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